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California Minimum Wage 2023

The California Minimum Wage 2023 is currently the highest Minimum Wage by state in the United States. While others are starting to see minimum wage increases upwards of $10 per hour, there are still places around the country that follow the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25. The California Minimum Wage topped charts with their increases in 2023. California Labor Law currently has Minimum Wage in California at $15.00 per hour, while some cities and counties even have their own minimum wage rates and increases scheduled for the future.


Your Business Department has created a list of the current minimum wage by state below for you to refer to. We want to make sure your company is aware of the most recent minimum wage specifications and updates.


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What is Minimum Wage?


The minimum wage is the LOWEST an employer will be able to pay a worker for their time/work executed. The federal minimum wage pertains to employees working for companies with earnings of $500,000 or maybe more. Those generating revenues under $500,000 in income may also be eligible if they perform business or communicate regularly over state collections.


Labor Law Poster Requirements


When a business has one or more employees, employers of all sizes are required by law to post Labor Law notices. There are Federal Labor Laws and State Labor Laws. One of them, would be the minimum wage rates for your state. In addition, businesses operating in specific cities/counties around the country may have additional Labor Law Requirements from local authorities

Minimum wage notices are included in our State Labor Law Posters. Check to see if the state where your business is located has a new minimum wage in 2023. Order updated posters today.

Note: The rates below are for general informational purposes only, and should not be used as legal or professional advice. Please contact your local state agency for more information regarding your State Minimum Wage.

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