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What is the California Minimum Wage?

The CA Minimum Wage is currently the highest Minimum Wage by state in the United States. While others are starting to see minimum wage increases upwards of $10 per hour, there are still places around the country that follow the Federal Minimum Wage of $7.25. Their Minimum Wage topped charts with their increases in 2022. California Labor Law currently has their Minimum Wage at $15.00 per hour, while some cities and counties even have their own minimum wage rates and increases scheduled for the future.

Your Business Department has created a list of the current minimum wage by state below for you to refer to. We want to make sure your company is aware of the most recent minimum wage specifications and updates.


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What is Minimum Wage?


The minimum wage is the LOWEST an employer will be able to pay a worker for their time/work executed. The federal minimum wage pertains to employees working for companies with earnings of $500,000 or maybe more. Those generating revenues under $500,000 in income may also be eligible if they perform business or communicate regularly over state collections.


Labor Law Poster Requirements

When a business has one or more employees, employers of all sizes are required by law to post Labor Law notices. There are Federal Labor Laws and State Labor Laws. One of them, would be the minimum wage rates for your state. In addition, businesses operating in specific cities/counties around the country may have additional Labor Law Requirements from local authorities

Minimum wage notices are included in our State Labor Law Posters. Check to see if the state where your business is located has a new minimum wage in 2022. Order updated posters today.

Note: The rates below are for general informational purposes only, and should not be used as legal or professional advice. Please contact your local state agency for more information regarding your State Minimum Wage.

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Changes To States Minimum Wages In 2023.

For employers with staff members in multiple states, maintaining numerous minimum wage rate modifications might be a challenging job. While many states have a agenda for twelve-monthly boosts to eventually achieve $15 an hour or so, 12 states still follow the federal minimum. Even though federal minimum wage of $7.25 has not yet budged since 2009, nearly one half of the nation increased their minimum wages for by the hour employees after January 1, 2022 to make up their staff members, and more than twelve will offer more boosts going to 2023.

To ensure your company is aware of the most recent minimum wage specifications, Your Business Department has established an organized system by state for you to stay updated throughout the entire year.

Check out the chart below!

Why States Have Different Minimum Wages?

When it comes to understanding why some states offer you much more competitive rates in comparison to the Federal government, there are some factors that affect the variations between state and federal minimum wage prices. The federal minimum doesn’t mean a full time income wage in states including New York City or California, for example, so it’s rational to modify it. In certain states, the greater federal minimum can make it a lot more ideal than what the state would have supplied.

Certain local authorities aren’t able to generate their own minimum wage for the reason that states have factors such as cost-of-living.

Discover more about the federal minimum wage by state and some of the modifications arriving throughout the up coming couple of years.

By 2017, 51.2 percentage of staff twenty five years and more aged are getting minimum wage. This is very important as many employers are faced with the reality that the required minimum wage isn’t necessarily a living wage. Using the expanding necessity for small and moderate-sized firms to stay certified and up to date with the guidelines that affect wage policies and settlement packages, employers need to comprehend the minimum wage by state and how it can change their effort scenery.

Minimum Wage Increase By State For 2023

Current State Minimum Wage Rates For 2022

Which States are Increasing the Minimum Wage in 2023?

Multiple states are increasing their minimum wage in 2023. These states are:










New Jersey

New Mexico

Rhode Island


In the majority of these states, the minimum wage will increase on January 1, 2023.

Is the Federal Minimum Wage Increasing in 2023?

No. The federal minimum wage has remained $7.25 since 2009.

Which States Provide an Impending Increase to $15 Minimum Wage?

These states have approved guidelines to reach a $15 minimum wage in 2023 and beyond.

Connecticut (2023)

Delaware (2025)

Florida (2026)

Illinois (2025)

Maryland (2025)

Massachusetts (2023)

New Jersey (2024)

Rhode Island (2025)

Virginia (2026)

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Which State has the highest Minimum Wage?

Their state using the highest minimum wage is Cal ($15.00). Nevertheless, this wage is true simply to companies with 26 or even more staff. Their state with all the top minimum wage applying to all companies is Washington ($14.49). In 2023, three states can have the best minimum wage for those workers: California, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

If Washington, D.C. have been a express, it might get the greatest minimum wage ($15.20).

Which Condition Provides the Cheapest Minimum Wage?

Both states together with the lowest minimum wage are Georgia and Wyoming, equally sitting down at $5.15 even so, employers in Georgia and Wyoming which are at the mercy of the Acceptable Effort Criteria Act must still pay for the $7.25 Federal minimum wage.

Minimum Wage Increases By City/County

Collapsible content

Notes and Exceptions

1 United states Samoa: The Honest Minimum Wage Take action of 2007 (Community Legislation 110-28) sets minimum wage prices within American Samoa and offers for additional increases inside the minimum wage of $.50 each hour every year on Could 25, till getting to the minimum wage generally appropriate within the United States. The wage costs are positioned for specific market sectors, not to have an employee's specific career. The costs are minimum rates an employer may choose to pay out a member of staff at a rate higher than the rate(s) for its market.

2 California: The minimum wage planned raises are slowed by one year for employers with 25 or a lot fewer staff. The velocity increases to $10.50 hourly efficient 1/1/2018 which is improved by $1.00 amounts annually until finally it reaches $15.00 effective 1/1/2023

3 Connecticut: The Connecticut minimum wage price automatically boosts to 1/2 of 1 percentage above the amount that is set in the Reasonable Work Standards Take action in case the Federal minimum wage rate is equal to or becomes beyond the State minimum.

4 Illinois: Employers with 50 or less full time staff is eligible for a income tax credit score equal to a certain portion of the price of their yearly wage increases. Employers are simply eligible for the credit history when the regular wage for workers making $55,000 or a lot less increases on the calendar year. The level of the credit rating that can be professed is just as comes after: 25 percent to the 2020 revealing period of time 21 % for 2021 17 pct for 2022 13 percentage for 2023 9 percentage for 2024 5 percentage for 2025 5 percent for 2026 5 % for 2027, only for employers with at most 5 staff.

5 The Maine minimum wage is automatically substituted with the Federal minimum wage price if it is greater than their state minimum.

6 Mayland: For tiny employers (14 or much less workers), the plan of boosts is just as follows: $11.00 eff. 1-1-20 $11.60 eff. 1-1-21 $12.20 eff. 1-1-22 $12.80 eff. 1-1-23 $13.40 eff. 1-1-24 $14.00 eff. 1-1-2025 $14.60 eff. 1-1-26 $15.00 eff. 7-1-26.

7 The Massachusetts minimum wage amount automatically increases to 10 cents above the level placed in the Acceptable Work Criteria Act in case the Federal minimum wage equates to or gets higher than the State minimum.

8 Minnesota: With all the passage of H.B. 2091 (2014), the once-a-year sales volume tolerance was decreased to $500,000. For large employers, with an twelve-monthly product sales of $500,000 or more, the minimum wage is presently $9.50 for small employers, people that have a yearly product sales of below $500,000, the minimum wage is $7.75.

9 Missouri - Besides the exemption for federally protected job, what the law states exempts, and the like, staff of your store or services organization with gross annual revenue or business completed of less than $500,000.

10 Montana: the $4.00 price relates to businesses with gross annual income of $110,000 or less $8.15 relates to all other individuals.

11 Nevada: $8.25 without health benefits $7.25 with health and fitness benefits.

12 New Jersey: For modest employers (six staff members or a lot fewer), the schedule of improves is just as adheres to: $10.30 eff. 1-1-20 $11.10 eff. 1-1-21 $11.90 eff. 1-1-22 $12.70 eff. 1-1-23 $13.50 eff. 1-1-24 $14.30 eff. 1-1-25 $15.00 eff 1-1-26.

13 New York City: The newest minimum wage can vary throughout the condition based upon geographical location and, in Ny City, employer dimension.

14 Ohio: $7:25 for employers grossing $299,000 or significantly less

15 Oklahoma: Employers of ten or even more full time employees at anyone location and employers with annual gross income over $100,000 regardless of quantity of full-time staff is at the mercy of federal minimum wage all other people are susceptible to status minimum wage of $2.00 (OK ST T. 40 § 197.5).

16 Oregon: As well as the new standard minimum wage level, SB 1532 collections out a greater amount for employers located in the downtown progress limit, plus a lower amount for employers based in nonurban areas. Their specific arranged improves are under.

17 Puerto Rico: Employers included in the Federal Honest Effort Criteria Act (FLSA) are subject to the Federal minimum wage of $7.25. Employers not paid by the FLSA will likely be susceptible to a minimum wage that may be at least 70 % of the Federal minimum wage or perhaps the applicable obligatory decree level of $5.08, whichever is greater. The Secretary of Labour and Man Solutions may approve a level based upon a reduced percent for virtually any employer who are able to demonstrate that execution from the 70 % level would substantially curtail career in this business.

Other Exceptions

Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Puerto Rico, Utah and Virginia remove from coverage any work that may be at the mercy of the Federal Reasonable Effort Standards Take action.

Hawaii, Kansas and Michigan exclude from insurance any career that may be at the mercy of the Federal Honest Work Criteria Respond, in the event the State wage is greater than the Federal wage.

The Georgia condition minimum wage is $5.15. Workers included beneath the federal Acceptable Effort Requirements Work are at the mercy of the federal minimum wage of $7.25, but individuals not protected under the FLSA may be compensated their state minimum wage of $5.15.


At present, 30 states and Washington D.C. have minimum salary higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

Five states have not adopted a status minimum wage: Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Southern Carolina and Tennessee. Two states, Georgia and Wyoming, use a minimum wage beneath $7.25 hourly. In all of the six of those states, the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour applies.

2021 Features

Twenty-one states started out 2021 with greater minimum salary. Several additional states raised their minimum earnings later around. Nine states (Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, Southern Dakota and Washington) automatically improved their charges based on cost of living. Seventeen states (Arkansas, California state, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, The Big Apple, Oregon, Rhode Isle, Vermont and Virginia) raised earnings due to previously accredited laws or ballot endeavours.

Delaware enacted SB 15 in July, that will gradually increase the minimum wage price to $15 by 2025.

Rhode Island introduced SB 1 in Could, which can gradually increase the minimum wage rate to $15 by 2025.

2020 Shows

20 or so-one states commenced 2020 with greater minimum income. Several states (Alaska, Florida, Minnesota, Montana, Ohio, Southern Dakota, and Vermont) automatically elevated their prices based on the living costs, when 14 states (Arizona, Arkansas, California state, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ny, and Washington) elevated their rates as a result of previously accredited legislation or ballot projects.

Florida voters accredited Amendment 2, rearing the state minimum wage to $15.00 per hour by 2026. The amendment enhances the minimum wage to $10.00 hourly successful September 2021, with a continuous annual increase until achieving $15.00 per hour.

2019 Highlights

18 states began the newest season with higher minimum salary. 8-10 states (Alaska, Florida, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio, Southern Dakota and Vermont) automatically greater their prices based on the cost of living, while 10 states (State of arizona, Arkansas, California state, Colorado, Maine, Massacusetts, Missouri, The Big Apple, Rhode Island and Washington) increased their rates because of previously accepted legal guidelines or ballot endeavours. Other states that will see amount improves through the 2019 calendar calendar year consist of D.C., Delaware, Michigan and Oregon.

New Jersey enacted Abs 15 in Feb, that can gradually increase the minimum wage level to $15 by 2024. (The minimum wage for tipped workers will increase to $9.87 within the exact same period.) The plan of once-a-year increases was late for certain seasonal workers and workers of tiny employers, as well as a training wage of 90 % of the minimum wage was developed for certain workers with regard to their initially 120 hrs of employment.

Illinois enacted SB 1 in Feb ., that can stage in the minimum wage increase to $15 by 2025. The determine also adjusted the youth wage for employees under age 18 (it is going to gradually increase to $13 by 2025) and developed a taxation credit history program to counteract work cost improves for smaller employers.

Maryland's legislature overrode a gubernatorial veto to enact a determine (SB 280) that phased-within a minimum wage increase to $15 by 2024 (with a postponed schedule of price raises for smaller sized employers) and wiped out along with the state subminimum wage for workers young than era 20.

New Mexico enacted SB 437 in Apr, which will increase the condition minimum wage to $12 by 2023. The evaluate also recognized a education wage for high institution individuals and slightly increased the tipped minimum wage.

Connecticut introduced HB 5004 in May possibly, which will raise the status minimum wage to $15 by 2023. The calculate also listed the minimum wage on the employment price list.

Nevada enacted Stomach 456 in June, which phases in the minimum wage increase over many years. By July 1, 2024, the minimum wage will probably be $11.00 for employers offering their staff members health advantages and $12.00 for employers which do not supply health and fitness benefits.

2018 Highlights

18 states began the brand new year with higher minimum wages. Seven states (Alaska, Fl, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Ohio and South Dakota) automatically improved their costs depending on the living costs, while eleven states (Arizona, Cal, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Michigan, The Big Apple, Rhode Isle, Vermont and Washington) increased their charges due to previously approved legal guidelines or ballot projects.

Massachusetts introduced a evaluate (HB 4640) to increase their state minimum wage to $15 over five-years. The tipped wage would go up to $6.75 from $3.75 over once period.

Delaware introduced SB 170, which phases in the two-move increase. The speed rises from $8.25 to $8.75 effective Jan. 1, 2019 (as amended by HB 483), and will increase again to $9.25 successful Oct. 1, 2019.

Voters in Arkansas and Missouri accepted ballot campaigns phasing in boosts to $11 and $12 each hour, respectively.

The Michigan legislature introduced SB 1171, which enhances the minimum wage with an once-a-year foundation right up until it actually gets to $12.05 in 2030.

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